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"Early Looks".... Available right now!

 Panerai (Officine Panerai) 187 LUMINOR Submersible Chrono 1000 - 47MM PAM00187

Specimen no. 163: Belonging to a Limited Series of 1,000 Units

Panerai 580 Luminor Ceramica Flyback Chrono - PAM00580

Black Ceramic Case, Flyback Chronograph, In-House 3-Day Reserve Movement, Seconds Hack

Kirby Lambert Custom Deluxe Blitz Flipper

Like J-Lo, an outstanding presentation finish on both sides!

Kirby Lambert Custom Deluxe Blitz Flipper

Zirc, San Mai, and Shredded Carbon-Fiber

Andy Frankart Thick Carbon-Fiber Baldy SFK

11/16" Fat Stock

J.L. (Lee) Williams Deluxe Kickstop Crux Flipper

Kickstop as in the Flipper Tab Disappears when the Knife is Open

Peter Carey Custom Nitro Mini Flipper

SOLD - Originally from Peter's Lottery at the 2016 Blade Show in Atlanta

John W. Smith Custom Deluxe SD-3 Flicker

SOLD - Westinghouse Micarta Scales, & Zirconium Bolsters

Walter Randolph (WR Bladeworks) Custom Deluxe Wyvern Flipper

SOLD - A "Maker's Best" in White Timascus and Mokuti

Walter Randolph (WR Bladeworks) Custom Very Deluxe Typhon Flipper

SOLD - Zirc Scales and Mokuti Bolsters

Andy Frankart Bronze Pygmy DNA Sampler

11/16" Fat Bronze Stock

Andy Frankart Thick Jade G10 F13 SFK

SOLD 11/16" Fat Stock

Andy Frankart Thick Jade G10 LoPro SFK

11/16 inch Stock

Lucas Burnley Custom Kwaiken Flipper

Stainless Damascus, Bolstered, IKBS.... and a great size for EDC!

Peter Martin Custom Deluxe QSB Flipper

Peter's Sole Authored San Mai Nickel Damascus with a 1095 Steel Core.

Peter Martin Custom Deluxe Large QSB Flipper

SOLD - Sole-Authored, Lava-Lamp Damascus, Zirconium, & Westinghouse Micarta

John W.  Smith Custom Deluxe SD-4 Flicker

SOLD - Westinghouse Micarta Scales, Hand-rubbed Blade, & Zirconium Bolsters

 Steel Flame Ring Spins with Laser-Etched Plugs

Just 1 left!

Brad Southard Custom Very Deluxe Flipping Tanto

SOLD - A "Maker's Best"!

Gerry McGinnis Custom Custom Carved Apex Flipper

SOLD - Gerry did the Carving too!

Rick Barrett Custom Tanto Honor Flipper

Silver-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Bjorkman's Twist Damasteel

76 Designs (aka Joseph76) Brass MOA Beads


Hinderer TADGear Gen 4 XM-18 Spanto Flipper with Steel Flame

SOLD - Dragon Clip by Steel Flame

Andy Frankart Thick Brown Micarta Baldy SFK

SOLD - 11/16" Fat Stock

D.B. Fraley Custom Deluxe Torrent 4 Flipper

Timascus Handles, and Timascus Lost Souls Pocket Clip & Backstrap

Bob Dozier Custom Folding Hunter (DK-LFH)

Dozier Sharp - and IMHO it just doesn't get any sharper

RJ Martin Custom Q-36 Overkill LEFTY

Sale Pending - An impossible to find Lefty by R.J. Martin...and its been carried a bit so you can too!

Peter Martin Deluxe Custom Deluxe Mini QSB Flipper

Another really incredible build from Peter

Ernie Emerson 1994 Hand-Checkered CQC-6

Ernie's Original CQC-6 Penetrator-Tip Grind; Carried a bit, so I can too!

Emmanuel Esposito - Charlie Bennica Mosaic Pearl Lockback Dagger

One of a World Class 10-piece Limited Edition -- long ago all Sold Out

Todd Rexford Custom Singularity Flipper

Flips like a... Rexford!

Richard Rogers Custom Deluxe Horseman's Knife

8 Blades, a Tweezers, 416 Stainless Integral-Bolsters, & Wrapped in MOP

Todd Rexford Custom Mini Epicenter Flicker

Likely the first one!

Jess Horn Custom Deluxe Baby Horn Lockback - Engraved by Rick Eaton

Mother of Pearl Handles, World Class Walk & Talk

 Starlingear Custom Cast Copper Slickster Zippo Lighter

Quality and Feel of Fine Handmade Copper - Right Out of the 1950s...

Jim Burke Custom Rebel Slip Joint

Jim makes one hell of a Slip Joint...Perfect Function and Spec-ed for Heavy-Duty EDC

JB Stout Custom Levaithan Framelock Flicker

Heavy-Duty in a Compact EDC

Brian Fellhoelter / TADGear Custom Dauntless (full size)

Would be a great working EDC

Charles Marlowe Custom A2 Flicker

1 of only 2 Chisel-ground Folders that Charles has made

 Rolex SS Ceramic-Bezel Daytona - Ref 116500

The Black Face Rolex Daytona is Available

A2 Knives & Tashi Bharucha Collaboration Custom A6 Flipper

A Beautiful Collab by 3 Great Makers

Jeremy Horton Custom No-Poon Shawty Flicker

A Rare Full Custom made entirely by Jeremy Horton

Jake Hoback Custom A15 Flipper

Priced to move!

Neil Blackwood Custom Henchman Flipper

Brown G10 Scales, Dark Stonewashed Blade, Dragon-Spined, & more

Todd Begg Design Beggatti Framelock Flipper

Featuring Todd's Replaceable Titanium Lockbar

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Mini Bullseye

A Little Masterpiece from Sal

Starlingear Custom Cast Sterling Silver Gasser Lighter

The Quality and Feel of a Fine Piece of Handmade Silver (.925) - Right Out of the 1940s or 1950s...

Jason Stout Custom Deluxe Tanto Parabola Flipper

Price just reduced! - Blade and Handle Spinework by Hand by JB Stout

JB Stout Custom Blood & Thunder Flicker

Carried a bit, so you can too!

John W.  Smith / Liong Mah Custom Remedy Flipper

Built Ford Tough!

Brad Blount - Jason Stout Custom Collab Overload Flipper

Nicely Overbuilt , and Fires like a Custom 1911

J.L. (Lee) Williams Custom Carved Kickstop Flipper

Lee Williams also did the Outstanding Carving

Jens Anso Custom Minos

Starburst Sculpted Titanium Handle; Compound-ground Blade

Bob Dozier Custom Deluxe Large Slip Joint Folding Hunter (DK-SJ)

P-Bone, Coral, & Mammoth

Jeff Harkins Custom Kracked Triton OF

Price Just Reduced! - High-Contast Stainless Damascus, & Jeff's Kracked-engraved TIHandles w/an Open Wound

Sergey Shirogorov /  Tom Mayo Carbon-Fiber Russian Dr. Death Flipper

Limited-Edition Collaboration

Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter Custom Collab FATF

From the USN's G6 in Vegas, 2014

Bob Lum 2-Blade Linerlock Wharncliffe Trapper

Most Rare Lum...2-Blades, but just 1 Liner that Locks Open Both!

  Custom Bolstered Resistor Flicker

San Mai Blade

John W.  Smith Deluxe Tactical SG-1 Flicker

Another Beauty by JWS

Sal Manaro Custom Mini Bullseye Grip Flicker

Sal's Design, Proportions & Fit & Finish are beautiful--and about perfect!

Scott Sawby Custom Deluxe Small Combat Utility

100% Ambidextrous with Scott's Self-Lock & Reversible Pocket Clip

Michael Burch Custom Deluxe Persian Flipper

Top of the Food Chain

Reese Bose Custom 2-Blade Coffin Jack Slip Joint
Jeremy Horton - Gerry McGinnis Custom Collab Shawty Flipper

2 Great Makers Created 1 Great Friggen' Knife!

Michael Burch Very Deluxe Platypus Flipper

This is a Superstar!

Shirogorov Bros F3 Flipper

Presentation Finish on both sides, Bearing Pivot, Black G10

Brian Nadeau Custom Hurricane Flipper

New 2016 Model--another beauty--from Brian

Jens Anso Custom Millennium Flipper

Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Bob Terzuola / Gustavo Cecchini (GTC Knives) Custom ATCF Collaboration

New from Makers

Brian Fellhoelter Custom Integral FNO

Marblized Carbon-Fiber Inlay, Titanium Frame, & S35VN 2-Tone Blade

 WR Bladeworks Custom Typhos Flipper

Beautiful, Functional, and Priced to EDC!

Bass Brothers Customs (BBC) Custom Crossfade S2 Harpoon-grind Flipper

Priced to move.... Priced to carry!

Walter Randolph (WR Bladeworks) Custom Bolstered SKF Flipper

Flips like a Ninja

Deryk Munroe / Tony Marfione Custom Collab Sigil Flipper

Mirror-polished Elmax, Copper, & Carbon-Fiber. A Great EDC.

David Mosier Custom Tribulation Flipper

Great Size, Function, Design, and Action

Jeremy Horton / Gerry McGinnis Tac 4 45 Flipper

Price Just Reduced! - The Most Recent Flipper Collab by 2 of the Most Wanted Knifemakers in The Tactical Knife World!

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling

Titanium Monkey Edge FRAG Handles

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Custom Serpent Line Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Jüergen Schanz - Set of 6 Custom SOB Folders (Schanz Over Built Folders)

Schanz Over-Built Folders

Jess Horn Lockback Whittler Prototype

One of Jess Horn's very most desirable pieces

Les George Custom (Jeremy Marsh) Melancholy Flipper

A One-Off Pattern-Swap Build. Originally from Les' Lottery at the 2016 TKI (Tactical Knife Invatational) Show

J.L. (Lee) Williams - Tom Mayo Custom Kickstop Donk Flipper Collaboration

A Most Wanted from 2 Top Makers!

Mick Strider Custom (MSC) Bolstered Nightmare Recurve Tanto RCC
 Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose Gold - Ref. 116655

$1,500 Price Drop

Jeremy Krammes Custom Bolstered Peregrin Folder

Great Size (and price) for Carry & Use!

 DIREWARE Custom Knives M8 Flipper

Integral Titanium Handles w/ Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber Insert, & M390 Blade

Terry Guinn Custom Flipper Prototype

Overbuilt to JUST the right proportions!

John W. Smith Custom Deluxe 4-inch Dagger Flicker

John W. Smith makes at least as fine a knife as anybody in the Tactical Knife World

Andre Thorburn Deluxe Engraved Model L44 Flipper

Flips like a Fish in a Boat!

RJ Martin Custom Avenger Framelock
Sean Kendrick Custom Harbinger

New from Maker (but I got it from Sean almost 10 years ago!)

Shane Sibert Custom Pocket Rocket
 Cartier Curved Large Santos De Cartier - Model No. W20060D6

Stainless Steel Watch Case & Stainless Steel Bracelet, Quartz Movement, Sapphire Winding Crown

D.B. Fraley Custom Bolstered Deluge
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter Custom Collab FATF

From the USN's G6 in Vegas, 2014