Knives Available for Sale or Trade

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Phil Boguszewski Custom MP-7

"Early Looks" .... All Available Right now! Please inquire for more details & pics.

Michael Burch Custom Deluxe Platypus Flipper

This one has it all!

Michael Walker 35th Anniversary Knife Arrow Buttonlock Folder

This is the piece that Michael created to celebrate his 35th Anniversary making knives!

Mick Strider / Starlingear Frankenstein Collab SMF

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Strider Knives - Starlingear - Everett Leather

Mick Strider Custom-ground Performance Nightmare SMF

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - -Another beauty from Miami!

Duane Dwyer Custom (DDC) SnG

SOLD - Chad Nichols Damascus, American Flag Titanium Handle

Duane Dwyer Custom SnG Recurve

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! -

John W. Smith / TADGear Custom Bolstered Dauntless

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - As good as it gets....

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Design Burning Horizion Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like a Rocket.

Duane Dwyer Custom Deluxe Short Sword

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Mastodon & Stainless Damascus

Jeff Harkins Open Wounds Folder

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Carved Pre-ban Scales

Terry Guinn Custom Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Terry has been a part-time knifemaker since 1982.... This one however is his very first Flipper

WR Bladeworks (Walter Randolph) Deluxe Custom Phobos Flipper

Zirconium, Hamon, & Carbon-Fiber

WR Bladeworks (Walter Randolph) Custom Bolstered SKF Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Flips like a Ninja

David Mosier - Tashi Bharucha Custom Greek Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Flips like the bird, and a Perfect Size for EDC

Gerry McGinnis Custom Deluxe Apex XL Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber Scales & a Hand-rubbed Satin-finished Blade

Gerry McGinnis Pro Line Valve Flipper - The First Variation!

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - A Midtech that feels and works like a custom

Jerry McClure Art Deco

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Nephrite Jade (Gem Stone Quality,) 10 Ruby-bearings Pivot, Damasteel, and a Green Diamond

Tom Mayo Custom Medium Covert Framelock Flicker

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - 6K Stellite Blade & Titanium Handles & Hardware

Jeremy Marsh Deluxe Minion

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! -

Charles Marlowe Custom No-Name Framelock Folder

''No-Name'' because Charles never gave it a name...Great knife.

Tony Marfione (Microtech) Custom Anax

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - DLC Hand-rubbed Satin-Finished Elmax Blade

Rick Hinderer Custom Rainbow Firetac

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Wow, just Wow.

Rick Hinderer Custom Dagger Flipper

New Model, New From Maker

Hinderer TADGear Gen 4 XM-18 Spanto Flipper with Steel Flame

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Dragon Clip by Steel Flame

Kevin Foster Custom R1 Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Flips like a fish in a boat!

Brian Fellhoelter Custom Integral FNO

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Marblized Carbon-Fiber Inlay, Titanium Frame, & S35VN 2-Tone Blade

Michael Burch Custom Deluxe Tangent Variant Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Flipper, Super-Conductor, Carbon-Fiber, Hamon, Large...and it is Finished on Both Sides!

Todd Begg Beggatti Framelock Flipper

Featuring Todd's Replaceable Titanium Lockbar

Todd Begg Deluxe Glimpse 5.5

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Phenomenal Size for EDC & Use

Jens Anso Custom Millennium Flipper

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Jeremy Horton-ground / Brian Fellhoelter FTR V4 BroLab Flipper

The Black FRAG Edition released at the 2015 Monkey Muster Knife Show....

IWC Pilots Chrono Top Gun Miramar IW388002


Scott Sawby Custom Combat Utility

SOLD - Antique Westinghouse Micarta, Exceptional Fit & Finish, Ambidextrous

Jens Anso Custom Minos

Starburst Sculpted Titanium Handle; Compound-ground Blade

Ernie Emerson Custom Mach 1

Great Size for Carry

Korth Cutlery Carved Amazonas

An about perfect EDC!


44MM NEW STYLE DEEPSEA Ceramic Glidelock

Ernie Emerson Halfmoon Hand-Checkered CQC-6 w/Titanium Backstrap

I am sorry this beauty has been SOLD

Brian Fellhoelter Deluxe Custom FLG

Take $200 off the marked Price! - Bark Mammoth & Mosaic Stainless Damascus

Ramon Chavez Redención 228 Folder

Price Just Reduced! 2 beautiful Chavez-customized Midtech 228s New from Ramon's Table at the 2015 Blade Show in Atlanta

David Mosier Custom Fusion Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- Works and Feels Great

Jake Hoback Custom A10 Flipper

New From Jake's Table this year at the 2015 Blade Show in Atlanta

Reese Weiland Deluxe Auto Hawk

Take $200 off marked price! - Carbon-Fiber & Damascus

Tom Krein Custom Gitano

Take $300 off marked price!

David Mosier / Tashi Bharucha Deluxe Custom XL Creep Flipper

Price just reduced....! Zirconium - IKBS - Flipper

Jake Hoback Custom Kwaiback Flipper

A Most Wanted Full Custom from Jake Hoback

Jens Anso - Lucas Burnley Collab Custom Zetta Flipper

1 of 10, Contoured Zirconium Handles, and Flips Like the Bird

Shirogorov Bros F3 Flipper

Bearing Pivot, Black Seashell G10

Tony Bose Doctor's Knife in Mother of Pearl
Tony Bose and Reese Bose Slip Joint Knives
Tony Bose 5 1/4-inch Yukon Knife; engraved by Joe Mason

A Natural, Double-Bolstered, Double-Pull Stunner! (Non-Catalog)

Deryk Munroe / Tony Marfione Custom Collab Carbon-Fiber Sigil Flipper

A Near Perfect EDC...Size, Functionally, & Emotionally

Brad Southard Midtech AVO Flipper - Model 3001

Released at the USN's G6 Knife Show (Sept 2014)

Peter Rassenti Custom SNAFU Flipper

Integral Handle; Full-sized but not Over-sized!

Panerai (Officine Panerai) 268 45mm Radiomir with 8-DAY PAM00268

Limited Edition of just 400! Previously Gently you can too! :)

A2 Knives (by Andre Thorburn & Andre Van Heerden) Model A4 Flipper

Touch the Flipper Tab and instantly (almost like it is an electronic switch) the blade flips open.

Emerson Custom Bolstered Horseman (aka: Mini CQC-8) w/Wave

The CQC-8 has always been a most wanted.... The ''Mini-8'' is an even better EDC!

Ernie Emerson Custom Horseman Prototype (aka: Mini CQC-8)

Great (full but not too full) size for EDC, Strong, Capable, & Feels Great in Hand

Bob Terzoula Custom Eagle Rock

Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber Scales & a Hand-rubbed Satin-finished Blade

Louis Vuitton Aramis Slipjoint Knife

Price Just Reduced! - A Symbol of LV's Tradition

Jess Horn Lockback Whittler Prototype

One of Jess Horn's very most desirable pieces

Ernie Emerson Custom Bolstered CQC-15 w/Wave

Wave Opener, Thick Lockbar

 Cartier Curved Large Santos De Cartier - Model No. W20060D6

Stainless Steel Watch Case & Stainless Steel Bracelet, Quartz Movement, Sapphire Winding Crown

D.B. Fraley Custom Bolstered Deluge
Lucas Burnley Midtech Kihon Flipper

Flips like THE Bird, and a Perfect Size for EDC

John W. Smith Custom Model 1
Jens Anso Custom Kaos Folder
Gustavo Cecchini Cruise Flipper

New from Maker at this month's 2015 Blade Show in Atlanta

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Custom Serpent Line Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Reese Bose Small Eureka Jack

A Pre-Ban (3 5/8-inch closed) 2-Blade Beauty

Todd Begg Knives Bodega 2.0 Flipper

Outfitted like a Beggatti, in a carryable package!

Hinderer XM-18 3-inch Wharncliffe Flipper
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter Custom Collab FATF

From the USN's G6 in Vegas, 2014

Bob Terzoula / Gustavo Cecchini Custom Deluxe ATCF Collaboration

New from Miami

Andre Thorburn Deluxe Front Flipper

Action like King Solomon

Roy "RL" Helton Deluxe Crosslock Folder

Straight Cut Palm Scales, Meier Damascus

Aaron Frederick Deluxe Persian Folder

One of Aaron's Very Best!

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling

Titanium Monkey Edge FRAG Handles

Rat Worx USA Full Size MRX - Custom

Roller Chain; Ceramic Ball-Bearing Pivot; Blue Lizard Skin

Les George / Wilson Combat WTK-Eagle Framelock Flipper LE

Starburst Pattern TI Handles with CTS XHP Steel BladeLimited Edition

Rick Hinderer Knives Eklipse Flipper

New from Maker

Brian Fellhoelter / TADGear Custom Dauntless (full size)

Would be a great working EDC

John W.  Smith Custom Revolution Flipper

Vanguard Limited Edition; #4 of 10, Perfect Action

Tony Marfione (Microtech) Custom-ground Anax Prototype

Price just reduced - Aircraft Aluminum Handle - Elmax Steel

Strider MSC Performance SnG

A Diamond-Textured Carbon-Fiber Front Scale, & a Diamond-Textured Titanium Lockbar Side!

Les George Custom FM-1 Framelock

Nichols Damascus & Gatorskin Titanium

Rick Hinderer Custom Gen 4 Wharncliffe XM-18 Flipper

Stunning, Collectable, Price to Move!

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling

OD Green, Monkey Edge FRAG, and Priced to Sell!

Todd Begg Field Grade Bodega Flipper

Ceramic Bearings, Priced to Carry and Use!

Jeremy Krammes Custom Bolstered Peregrin Folder

Great Size for Carry & Use!

Jake Hoback Custom Deluxe A15 Flipper

A Framelock that is Finished on Both Sides...that doesn't happen everyday!

Todd Begg Knives Halloween Bodega Flipper
Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter Custom Collab FATF

From the USN's G6 in Vegas, 2014

Rick Hinderer Custom Gen 4 Harpoon-Tanto XM-18 Flipper
Jody Muller Custom Carved Flipper
Scott Slobodian Traditional Deluxe Folding Tanto

A work of art...and the last one!

 Ferrum Forge Knife Works B.A.K. Flipper Prototype

Bearing Pivot, Hobak Rolling Detent, Thick TI Diamond Handles

Scott Sawby MOP Combat Utility Selflock Fatty

Price Just Reduced! - Beautiful MOP

Tom Mayo Dr. Death Framelock Folder with Mosaic Pins

Contoured Handle

New from Maker

Jake Hoback Custom  A10 Flipper

Overbuilt to be Great Carry

Steve Ryan Model 1 Folder w/Frog

Skeletonized Black G10 and a 5 inch Blade

Peter Martin Steampunk Folder w/Moving Gears

Price just reduced!

Steve Ryan Custom Traditional Flipper

Kevlar/Carbon-Fiber & Titanium

R.J. Martin Custom Q-36 Overkill LEFTY

On-Sale...10% Off Posted Price! - An impossible to find Lefty by R.J. Martin

Steve Kelly (SK Knives) Custom Carved Spectre Framelock Flipper

Just Reduced - Bearing Pivot System, Steve Kelly Damascus

Ernie Emerson Custom CQC-7 Benchmade Prototype

From where the legend began...

Jerry Halfrich Muy Grande Framelock

One-Handed Nail-Nick Opener

Bob Dozier Folding Hunter (DK-FH)

Beautiful Ironwood Handles