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"Early Looks" that are available right now!

Kirby Lambert Custom Deluxe Crossroads Flipper Prototype

SOLD - Like J-Lo, an outstanding presentation finish on both sides!

Ernie Emerson Custom Black CQC-6 Flipper w/Wave

SOLD - The Very Top of the Emerson Food Chain!

Todd Begg Custom Deluxe Flipping Ring Dagger

SOLD - Liong Mah Design

Tim Galyean Custom Deluxe Lahar Flipper

SOLD - A Grail from a Legend

Ken Onion Custom Morph Speedsafe Flipper

SOLD - Speedsafe, Carry the Legend!

Ernie Emerson Custom Rhino

SOLD - Own the legend.

A2 Knives & Tashi Bharucha Custom A6 Premium Flipper Collaboration

SOLD - A Superstar Collaboration

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Compound-ground XL Bullseye

Would be a Top Shelf Piece in Any Collection

Jeremy Krammes Custom LEFTY APOC

Priced to Carry and Use!

Jody Muller Custom Carved Skull Framelock Flipper

SOLD - Hand Carved by Jody Muller

JB Stout Custom Blood and Thunder Framelock Folder

Most Wanted Compound & Correct- Chisel-grind

Jim Burke - Neil Blackwood Custom Bad Mojo 4 Flipper


J.L. (Lee) Williams Kickstop Crux Flipper

SOLD - Kickstop (as in the Flipper Tab Disappears)

 Steel Flame Executive SLEDGE XL 3-D Bronze Warrior Skulls Ring Spin

XL, Rare, & MOST WANTED; Created by Derrick Obatake

Todd Rexford Rexford Custom Deluxe XL Epicenter
Jim Burke Custom Hitman Flipper

Would make an Outstanding Full Size EDC!

Jim Burke - Neil Blackwood Custom Deluxe Spearpoint Recurve Fixed Blade

Antler and Stainless Damascus

Neil Blackwood Custom Deluxe Spearpoint Recurve Fixed Blade

Spalted Maple and Stainless Damascus

Lucas Burnley Custom Deluxe Kwaiken Flipper

The Kwaiken is maybe Lucas' most wanted model...and this is a special one.

Frank Fischer Custom XXL Commander Flipper

SOLD - Frank's great & oversized interpretation of a timeless design

Ernie Emerson Custom Black-handled CQC-7 Flipper w/Wave

Imagine rockin' a Black-handled 7-Flipper in your right front everyday!

Stan Wilson Custom Deluxe Advisor

SOLD - Outstanding!

Battle Horse Knives Custom RMR Framelock Tank

A Pound of Tough and a 4" Blade

Todd Begg Custom Tailspin Bali

Priced to Enjoy!

Reese Weiland Custom XXL Flipping Razor

SOLD - That is a 6" Long, Over 1/4" Thick; 13 5/8" OAL...and it weighs over a pound

A2 Knives & Tashi Bhrucha Custom A6 Flipper Prototype

SOLD - Mint condition, but priced to carry!

Neil Blackwood Custom Battle Bali

Exceptional Fit and Finish - And Overbuilt to Battle Standards!

Ernie Emerson Custom Toxic 6 Bali

Price Just Reduced! - New from Ernie at the USN's 2017 G9 Knife show

Sal Manaro Custom XL Bullseye

Sal's Exceptional Fit & Finish has for a long time been his Signature

 Rolex SEA-DWELLER 4000 - Ref. 116600

40MM - Ceramic Bezel - Glidelock Buckle

Stan Wilson Custom Very Deluxe Advisor Folder

SOLD - Spectacular!

Tom Mayo Custom 6K Large Wharnie

6K (Stellite) Wharncliffe Blade

Tom Mayo Custom Persian Flipper

A Mayo Most Wanted

Reese Bose Custom Rem-Bone Northfield Whittler

4 1/8-inch closed; 3-Blade Stunner

Reese Bose Custom Rem-Bone Eureka Jack

3 5/8-inch closed; 2-Blade Beauty; Marked #3

John W. Smith Custom Deluxe SD-2

John's Magnificent Hand-Cut Checkered Scales, & Damascus Blade & Bolsters

Brad Blount - Jason Stout Custom Collab Overload Flipper

Nicely Overbuilt , and Fires like a Custom 1911

Walter Randolph (WR Bladeworks) Custom XL Persian Flipper

Hand-Stippled Annoed Titanium Accents; New from WR's Lottery at the 2017 G9

 Steel Flame Dreidel Ring Spin KillboX with Star of David Slug

Laser-Etched & Heat Treated VGM Finish

Ernie Emerson Custom Bolstered Aftershock B Waved

A New Model introduced in 2017

A2 Knives Custom A7 Tanto Premium Flipper

Westinghouse, Damasteel & Zirc -- Flips like a Pancake!

John W.  Smith Custom SD-Tactical Folder

Dressed in Monkey FRAG

Rick Lala (Korth) Custom Steampunk Sentry Flipper

Titanium, Lightning-Strike Carbon-Fiber, Steampunked Handle

Mick Strider Knives Performance Series PT

Pimp Skin with a Big Belly

Bill Ruple Custom Lockback Whittler


Walter Randolph (WR Bladeworks) Custom Bolstered SKF Flipper

Flips like a Ninja

Gudy van Poppel Custom Deluxe Bullet Flipper

Great knives from a most interesting Knifemaker

J.L. (Lee) Williams Deluxe Kickstop Crux Flipper

Kickstop as in the Flipper Tab Disappears when the Knife is Open

Gerry McGinnis Custom Valve Flipper Prototype

This one won't come around again!

Lucas Burnley Custom Very Deluxe Pelican Flipper

This Pelican was Originally Sold by Lucas via an Open Bid is that Special!

Rolex SS Black PVD No-Date Submariner - Ref 14060M

Ready to wear every day!

Brian Fellhoelter  / Steven Kelly Custom Confluence Bolsterlock Folder

Finished on both sides! New from Makers' Lottery at the 2017 Blade Show

Bob Lum Custom Large Chinese Folder

A really beautiful example.

Jon Graham Custom Deluxe Razel Flipper

A Beautiful Razel!

Gerry McGinnis Custom Peligro R XL Flipper
Jeremy Marsh Custom Bolstered Sledgehammer Flipper

A rarely available Marsh Sledgehammer...have you ever seen one?

Gerry McGinnis Custom Mini Peligro R Flipper
Kirby Lambert Custom Deluxe Blitz Flipper

Zirc, San Mai, and Shredded Carbon-Fiber

Jeremy Horton Custom No-Poon Shawty Flicker

A Rare Full Custom made entirely by Jeremy Horton

Custom Leather Valet by Starlingear's Greg Everett, Leathersmith

Beautifully Crafted by Hand and Imagination

Deryk Munroe Custom Hextured Warg Framelock Folder

Heavier-Duty and Larger than any other Munroe Custom

Andre Thorburn Custom Deluxe L36 Medium Flipper

Action like King Solomon (who reportedly had 700 wives and 300 Concubines)

Ernie Emerson Custom Bolstered Sheepdog Spearpoint FLIPPER

Just in from Ernie's Lottery at last weekend's 2017 Blade Show

Andre Thorburn Custom Deluxe Engraved L20 Flipper

Beyond exceptional Hand-engraved Zirc Bolsters by Julien Marchal

 Rolex SS Ceramic-Bezel Daytona - Ref 116500

The Black Face Rolex Daytona is Available

J.L. (Lee) Williams - Tom Mayo Custom Kickstop Donk Flipper Collaboration

A Most Wanted from 2 Top Makers!

Jeremy Krammes Custom Bolstered Peregrine Folder

Great Size. Priced to Carry and Use!

David Mosier / Sean Kendrick Custom Serpent Line Framelock Flipper w/ IKBS

Thick Titanium Scales -- feels great and flips like magic.

Sean Kendrick Custom Harbinger

New from Maker (but I got it from Sean almost 10 years ago!)

Brad Southard Custom FRAG Dowling

Thick Titanium Monkey-Edge FRAG Handles

 Dr T Knives (David Tabor) Custom Wharncliffe Trapper Slip Joint

Vintage Rag Micarta; 3 1/2" Closed Length

 Bell & Ross BR01-92 Automatic

Worn a few you can too!

Kirby Lambert Custom Deluxe Blitz Flipper

Like J-Lo, an outstanding presentation finish on both sides!

Bob Dozier Custom Folding Hunter (DK-LFH)

Dozier Sharp - and IMHO it just doesn't get any sharper

Jim Burke Custom Rebel Slip Joint

Jim makes one hell of a Slip Joint...Perfect Function and Spec-ed for Heavy-Duty EDC

Brian Fellhoelter / TADGear Custom Dauntless (full size)

Would be a great working EDC

Jake Hoback Custom A15 Flipper

Priced to move!

Sal Manaro Custom Deluxe Mini Bullseye

A Little Masterpiece from Sal

John W.  Smith / Liong Mah Custom Remedy Flipper

Built Ford Tough!

J.L. (Lee) Williams Custom Carved Kickstop Flipper

Lee Williams also did the Outstanding Carving

Bob Dozier Custom Deluxe Large Slip Joint Folding Hunter (DK-SJ)

P-Bone, Coral, & Mammoth

Jim Burke / Brian Fellhoelter Custom Collab FATF

From the USN's G6 in Vegas, 2014

Sal Manaro Custom Mini Bullseye Grip Flicker

Sal's Design, Proportions & Fit & Finish are beautiful--and about perfect!

Michael Burch Very Deluxe Platypus Flipper

This is a Superstar!

Shirogorov Bros F3 Flipper

Presentation Finish on both sides, Bearing Pivot, Black G10

Jens Anso Custom Millennium Flipper

Flips like the bird, and with Contoured Titanium Scales

Brian Fellhoelter Custom Integral FNO

Marblized Carbon-Fiber Inlay, Titanium Frame, & S35VN 2-Tone Blade

Jeremy Horton / Gerry McGinnis Tac 4 45 Flipper

Price Just Reduced! - The Most Recent Flipper Collab by 2 of the Most Wanted Knifemakers in The Tactical Knife World!

Jüergen Schanz - Set of 6 Custom SOB Folders (Schanz Over Built Folders)

Schanz Over-Built Folders

Jess Horn Lockback Whittler Prototype

One of Jess Horn's very most desirable pieces

 Rolex Yacht-Master 40 Everose Gold - Ref. 116655

$1,500 Price Drop

Andre Thorburn Deluxe Engraved Model L44 Flipper

Flips like a Fish in a Boat!

 Cartier Curved Large Santos De Cartier - Model No. W20060D6

Stainless Steel Watch Case & Stainless Steel Bracelet, Quartz Movement, Sapphire Winding Crown

D.B. Fraley Custom Bolstered Deluge